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Foaled: 1896
Trainer: Johnny Wattles

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Riding Career: 1954 - 1989
Career Wins: 4,573
Hall of Fame: 1996

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2600 S Delaware St.
San Mateo, California  94403
Phone: (650) 574-7223

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Fashion and horse racing goes hand in hand. There is no other sports fan that you can pick out of the bunch like the women at horse races. In the USA, we have so many different mediums were women are portrayed which range from swimsuits, lingerie, and even without any clothes at all. Personally, I believe these forms of expression are played out and we need to start portraying women for their beauty, class, creativity, and artistic style. Horse racing creates an excellent platform for women to express themselves proving to everyone you can be confident and stylish by sporting a unique image without the need to bare all! Here is my top 5 list of the Best Dressed, Artistic, & Beautiful Women at horse races.
Posted by Dave "Daily Double" Wildermuth on 6/25/15 8:23 AM


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